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Dispatch From Winter Conference

I hope most of you have been able to take in at least some of Winter Conference. Last night we had a beautiful worship service to kick things off. It was a powerful time at communion as brothers and sisters from around the country and the world came together to share the body and blood of Christ and in singing and praying together...Read More

Living Out God's Love in Nicaragua

As a family, we feel very blessed and excited to be given the opportunity to lead an All Saints Dallas short-term mission trip to Nicaragua during the upcoming summer. Last year was our fourth year leading teams from our old congregation in El Paso to Nicaragua and we are still amazed at God’s grace and blessings from each and every trip...Read More

Being Catholic

One way of describing the Anglican identity is that it is Reformed Catholic. Or sometimes, if one has hang-ups about Reformed or Catholic theology (or both), you can just as easily downsize it “reformed catholic”. But however you want to capitalize it, Anglicanism, as an ecclesiastical movement, recognizes its deep connectedness to the Church throughout time and space...Read More

More Than Sin Managament

I first came across the phrase “sin management,” while reading Dallas Willard’s book “The Divine Conspiracy.” Sin management is the idea, especially prevalent among Protestant evangelicals, that the work of the cross is kind of a barcode that automatically cleanses us from any responsibility for our sin. While this is true, it is not the whole truth...Read More

In Search of a Tribe

In January of 2009 I was experiencing a lot of change in my life. A few months earlier I had just moved my wife and three children to Fleming Island, Florida, to serve at Grace Anglican Church. In this transition we left behind our beloved Texas, our extended family, a familiar culture and landscape, and the denominational family both of us had been formed in...Read More

You Be the Bridge

As Christians we have the duty to love our neighbors, regardless of whether or not they share our religious beliefs. As our own city of Dallas becomes home to ever increasing numbers of Muslims the church in Dallas has an obligation to show Christ’s love to them as neighbors. If that sounds like something that you’re interested in, something that your not sure how to do, or even something that you’re not sure is even possible, than the Bridges class may be right for you...Read More

Generosity and Mission

When we started ASD in 2010, we received a financial gift from the AMiA’s "Living the Mission Fund" to help support and encourage our work. And as Jay+ and his team have met certain metric goals in their plant, we at ASD, have been given financial support for All Saints East Dallas. The AMiA exists to plant churches, and when they hit certain goals of attendance, ability to gather, and other key components that contribute to a healthy church plant, then this encouraging investment is made. “Building on islands of health” is one way to understand this. It is important that we appreciate the culture of generosity and mission that ASD and the AMiA have...Read More

Deeply Rooted

I love my job. I have the distinct privilege of walking alongside people and seeing God at work in their lives. I take this calling and privilege seriously, and I enjoy it immensely. Reflecting back to the first week of Membership Sundays, I can’t help but be so very excited for what God is up to at All Saints East Dallas...Read More

Setting the Table

One of the main features of our corporate Christian worship is that we celebrate Communion together every week. Moreover, as Anglicans, we like to make our celebration of the Lord’s Table a fittingly reverent and worshipful experience. Each week we proclaim the life, death, and resurrection of Christ as we celebrate Communion. And then we are mysteriously and graciously invited to partake of His life-giving presence that He so graciously offers to those who believe...Read More

Prayer for Life

Most of you know that during the prayers of the people on Sundays, I usually include a prayer of protection and the valuing of life for the lives of those in the womb through natural death. The value of protecting the most innocent and vulnerable has been a constant Christian witness throughout the ages...Read More