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Practicing Temperance by Fasting and Feasting

Easter follows Lent as a season of feasting following a season of fasting. So why is it that it so often feels easier to ‘be holy’ in a season of fasting? In part this is because we have a deficient view of temperance. We often think of temperance in respect to what it denies. It avoids sin, it sacrifices, it does without; it is simple, ascetic, poor. But temperance affirms as much as it denies and thus the saints of God are meant practice temperance in both their fasting and feasting...Read More

Big Sunday

This Sunday, about 25 people will become new members of All Saints Dallas. This has always been a powerful worship service. As people publicly proclaim their faith and their desire to join All Saints Dallas, I will lay hands on each of them asking God to give me words of wisdom and prophecy. Often, people asked me how does one become a member of all Saints Dallas? The easy answer is the 3 C's: the Class, the Covenant and Confirmation...Read More

A Passionate Pursuit of Greater Goods

We took a chance. Sometimes you know what you’re getting into when you rent a movie, other times you try to make an educated guess. Well, about 45 minutes into this movie, it became clear that the main character in this movie was driven to educate his audience about the futility of chastity. Instead of pointing out the joy of knowing God through greater goods, the movie told its story atheistically...Read More

Resurrection Life

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia! The Lord is risen. He is risen indeed. These words at the beginning of our Easter service set the tone for the next 50 days in our liturgical calendar. In reality, they set the tone for the rest of our lives on into eternity. The empty tomb found by the women on that first Easter is a reminder that Jesus is on the loose and nothing is safe...Read More

Curving In Upon Ourselves

Pride is widely considered to be the “Grand Daddy” of all vices. After all, it was because of pride that Satan fell from heaven. It was pride that motivated Adam and Eve to disobey God when they listened to Satan (who told them that they could become like God). And yet, there are times when being proud of something seems right and good. However, it is important to note that many of our great church fathers in the first eight centuries of the church saw pride as the root issue behind all sin...Read More

The Holy Triduum

The sacred three days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, all of which precedes Easter, is the apex of our liturgical year and of our lives as Christians. We begin the Triduum by celebrating the Lord's Supper tonight at 7 p.m. The word "maundy", means "commandment" in Latin. We recall Christ offering of his body and blood to the Father, which he gave to the apostles as food for their nourishment with the command that they celebrate these mysteries in his memory forever...Read More

Let Revival Come

If there is ever a Super Bowl week for the Christian faith this has to be it. Big things, cosmic things happened during this week almost 2000 years ago that fulfilled the trajectory of biblical prophecy and radically altered the world’s view of life, death, the dignity of humanity, and the power of God. Christianity is full of paradox. In order to gain your life, you have to lose it. In order to be exalted, we have to be humble...Read More

The Earthquake Within

Most people think envy is the same thing as jealousy, but within the theological reflection of the church, they are two distinct things. Whereas jealousy is the inordinate desire to possess those things others have which we do not, envy is the ill-feeling towards those who have what we do not. As Aquinas succinctly put it, envy is “sorrow for another’s good.” By the same token, envy can also be joy for another’s sorrow...Read More

What About the Church?

In a Bible study and worship service that I lead on Thursday mornings, I was talking about the need for repentance in our life. Repentance is a reminder that we are made for something much more than the things we settle for in this world. Like the prodigal son in Luke 15, we often find ourselves in a far country where the spiritual beauty of our relationship with God is broken. It is up to the church to perpetually help us remember who we are and whose we are...Read More

Why Are You Sad?

Not long ago, Matthew Perryman Jones, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, held an intimate evening of stories and songs at All Saints. I really love music, but that night was particularly bewitching because Jones said something deeply profound. In describing the genesis of one song, he talked about some time spent with a therapist where he was dealing with anger. He laid out his condition, and the therapist responded with a curious question: “Matthew, why are you sad?”...Read More