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Inspired to Life and Freedom

I pulled into the Taco Bell parking lot and promptly forgot what I had intended to ask. I was there to meet one of my mentors and since he had raised three children, I wanted to ask his opinion about what mattered the most during those growing up years in his home. My mentors give me advice but they also know me well. When the relationship is strong, the content of the conversation takes care of itself...Read More

Outposts of Hope

The good news is we can draw on the spiritual direction of Peter as he addresses these outposts of hope in what is now modern-day Turkey. The encouraging news is that this letter is from the apostle Peter. Peter, Mr. Stick-Your-Foot-in-Your-Mouth himself, was transformed over time by the love of Christ. He shows us what Christ and the Holy Spirit can do in us...Read More

Being in Community: An All Saints East Update

As a kid, I wasn’t the best at finishing stuff. But I was a great starter. If you were getting together a pickup football game in the park, I’d be there ...Read More

How to Love Our Community

Our regular attendance is averaging around 450 on a Sunday, which means we have an increase in the need for volunteers to help serve during Sunday worship. What’s more, some of our most veteran and faithful volunteers will be leaving to help plant All Saints East Dallas this fall, so the need is even greater...Read More

Kickoff Sunday and a New Sermon Series

This Sunday, August 23, will have our fall kickoff. It always seems trying to talk about a “fall” kickoff when it is still 90-plus-degrees outside. Nevertheless, you will have plenty of opportunity to hear about the upcoming fall schedule, sign up for volunteer ministry in all kinds of areas including greeting, ushering, lay reading, chalice bearer, etc. With school starting next week all over Dallas, this is wonderful opportunity to invite friends and families to come and see what God is doing...Read More

Being Filled: An All Saints East Dallas Update

A friend recently told me, “the Christian life isn’t meant to be difficult, it’s meant to be impossible without the Holy Spirit.” And as I look back on my experience of following Jesus, I can say that is true...Read More

Unity and Shalom

“How sweet it is, when brothers dwell in unity!” is the opening line of Psalm 133. Unity is an important theme throughout the scriptures. One of the most immediate consequences of the Fall and the introduction of sin into the world is disunity between brothers when Cain murders Abel. And throughout both Old and New Testaments a vision is cast as to how mankind might be brought back into unity...Read More

Blessing Our Educators

The first time I was called into the principal’s office, was on the first day of school in grade 1, and the note I carried to the principal, written in French, accused me of being the anti-Christ. I was attending a French school and had been told by some of the boys in my class that it would be good for me to go up to the teacher (who was a nun) and say "Blessed Host and Tabernacle"...Read More

Getting Ready by Being Still: An All Saints East Update

All Saints East Dallas is a three-stream Anglican church - rooted in Scripture, sustained by the Sacraments, and animated by the Spirit. All Saints East Dallas exists to live in God’s presence and live out his love and hopes to connect with the people of the neighborhoods of East Dallas and beyond...Read More

Being Led by God: An All Saints East Update

I saw her walking down the stairs at our college gym. She thought I was a nice guy, but not really worth her time. I had already demonstrated my ineptness at a relationship with her in the past. But as I saw this girl walking by, I knew I was going to marry her...Read More