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Leave It

Our world calls us to live on the edge, to go the distance, grab it all. But God's Word says, leave space, have left-overs, share. Our culture urges us to not only consume all we have, but to wander into fields we might have in the future and take more from there. But Scripture teaches us to use less than we have so we can participate with God in caring for others. I think this applies not only to food but to all of life...Read More

The Wild Promise of God's Generosity

God makes an accusation and a wild promise speaking to his people through the prophet Malachi. This promise is wild for two reasons. First, what king says to his subjects “you have robbed me” and then turns around and says but if you bring “the full tithe into the storehouse” then see if I don’t open the windows of heaven upon you? Even more, then he says “test me” in this...Read More

A Common Call

Life isn’t fair. Some are born into stable family situations, experience good role modeling, and are exposed to good opportunities. Some are born into broken homes, never know one or both of their parents, bounce around foster care, are never shown how to live. We all enter the world naked and crying, but some of us land in loving arms and warm blankets; others of us aren’t so fortunate...Read More

Candlesticks and Thieves

The opening scene in Les Miserables is a lesson on generosity. Jean Valjean steals some silver plates from the kindly old bishop who had taken him into his home. He is caught, brought back by the police and faces the bishop. In the scene that always makes my wife Claudia cry, the bishop tells the police and Jean Valjean that he had given Valjean the silverware...Read More

Sharing Hope

Outreach is so much more than simply doing something to help someone in need. True outreach looks to the TOTAL CARE of a person - asking the questions to discern their physical, emotional and spiritual health and then thinking creatively to see how through the bonds of fellowship, how can the local church increase their health be it physically, emotionally and/or spiritually...Read More

New Members

Many of you ask, "How do we become members of ASD?" Whether you have been here one week or 4 years, it is a great question. This Sunday culminates the process of membership for our most recent class. Membership involves the 3 C's: Class, Covenant, and Confirmation. Join us this Sunday as we celebrate new members being confirmed. The service is designed to give them, and all of us, a chance to make a public acclamation of our faith...Read More

On Being a Saint

Back in the days of the Roman Imperial cult, the emperor Vespasian was said to remark on his deathbed, “Oh dear! I think I am becoming a god!” Clearly he wasn’t too enthusiastic at the thought of trading mortal life for the prospect of ascending to an exalted plane. I wonder if we sometimes share Vespasian’s confusing distaste for our own prospects—prospects which are, for us, not only realized after our deaths but in our lives as well...Read More

All Saints' Day

Centuries ago, the early church would gather in church cemeteries on the Eve of All Saints, called All Hallows’ Eve, to tell stories and remember ancestors who lived and died in the faith. I know that culturally we think of Saints as those people who have attained a certain spiritual status. However, biblically, saints are simply those people who recognize their need for Savior...Read More

Filled and Formed: The Goodness of Creation

At creation's height is the mystery of humanity. As image bearers we survey along with God all that he has made and say with him that it is very good. We, as part of the world, are able at one and the same time to be part of creation and to survey, experience, and in some ways understand creation. This is one of the many wonders of our humanity...Read More

I Googled

"A Margarita?" I asked, "what’s a margarita?” I was new to All Saints, new to Dallas, and new to the Republic of Texas. I had heard that church culture in Dallas would be different than what I had known in Canada and Britain but I wasn’t prepared for this. I quietly confessed that I had never had one, made an excuse to use the restroom and once safely inside the Men’s room, I googled...Read More