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A Prayer Before Studying

The single hardest course I had in college was a two-semester long class called History of Philosophy. The mainstay of the class was writing outlines. What Aristotle or Hume spent tens of thousands of words articulating very precisely we had to beat and butcher into 800 words. It was the single best and hardest academic discipline I’ve every put myself through...Read More

Listen and Learn

I was listening to a podcast on leadership by Andy Stanley. He was interviewing Glen Jackson, the head of a large advertising agency located in Atlanta, Georgia. He was talking about the seven pillars of preeminence. One of the pillars is “relational.” He tells his employees not to use the word “networking” as that implies, for him, a sense of using other people ...Read More

Provoking A Crisis

Jesus shocked his disciples when he declared that he would cast fire and cause division rather than peace upon the earth. But, isn’t he the “Prince of Peace?” Or is he the “Prince of Division?” Jesus regarded the coming of the kingdom of God as a time of judgment. His word of judgment was meant to help people take seriously the consequences...Read More

August Reboot

In our culture, we associate New Years resolutions with January 1, but during child raising season, August is our “new year”. After 25 years as a principal and teacher I have a few suggestions to help the new school year go well...Read More

Blessings Within Our Community

It's a regular Sunday morning, no special services, and our volunteer teams start arriving by 8:20 to pray for the services, set the altar, greet people, and confirm that the technical crew, ushers, and readers are ready. The staff has already arrived to set up music, nursery, coffee, scripture, announcements, final sermon notes...Read More

Late, Irritated, and Demolition Gone Wrong

I was late. I hate being late. So I was irritated and going to be late for staff meeting. So I took a shortcut to avoid traffic, the light was green: excellent. Then I heard a bump. I had just driven past a demolition site and a brick had hit the car. I parked got out to inspect the damage; no dent but a significant amount of paint was gone...Read More

Back to School Again

School will begin at Sam Houston Elementary very soon with teachers returning August 15 and students August 22. Many of these children will arrive without adequate supplies and will need replacement supplies during the 2016-17 school year. Traditionally, All Saints members generously contribute these items at the start of the school year...Read More

Getting Political

Don’t panic. This isn’t a screed against a candidate or candidates. This isn’t another argument how not voting for candidate X is really just a vote for candidate Y. Nor is it an argument against that argument. This is going to be something a little different. I am not going to tell you who to vote for. I am only going to tell you how I think you should go about voting...Read More

Can We Talk About Race?

Race and racism is always an important issue much of which goes to the heart of our Christian faith. Some call it the “original sin” of our country. There are lots of strong and good opinions on all sides of this issue. I just believe there needs to be a time we can come together and hear each other, what we’re thinking, what God may be doing, and how we can be involved as a church...Read More

Unchurched? Unasked? Unreachable?

Last Sunday I talked about the need to be “proximate” with others. For example, in the story of the good Samaritan, the Pharisee and the Levite assumed that the man in the road was dead when, in fact, he was only half-dead. They didn’t take the time to be proximate with this man and go over and look for themselves. Likewise, if we really want our own church neighbors to receive Christ by faith or even to go to church, we have to get personal...Read More