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Liturgical Folk: Music for Liturgical Folk

Music is a vital part of our worship at All Saints Dallas. Our music is accessible, artistic, and rooted in the inherently joyful sounds of the American folk tradition. From soulful gospel tunes to country hymn arrangements to childlike prayer settings; this music is in our bones and speaks to our humanity. With that, I am thrilled to announce the beginning of a very exciting project...Read More

Spanning the Globe

I remember the ABC Wide World of Sports. It came on the television every Saturday. I was always fascinated by the sports events around the world coming into our living room. The past two weeks I have found the AMiA and myself “spanning the globe.” We are connected to the Anglican Communion throughout the world by our partnership relationships with overseas bishops and archbishops...Read More

Report from the Congo

We have been immensely blessed by the ministry of our mission partners around the world. This past week we've been honored to send +Philip to the Congo to attend the enthronement of one of our mission partners, Masimango Katanda, as the new Archbishop of the Congo. We hope you enjoy the following photos that +Philip has sent home from his time in the Congo...Read More

Consider the Poor

This Sunday, we will hear from an obscure farmer named Amos, who God used to send a message to His people. As we make our way through the Lectionary, the passage we draw speaks seriously about our need to consider our heart for the poor among us. Often, we see the poor at a distance, people who are not like us or are removed from our world...Read More

What Sort of Belief is Enough?

As we started our series on the Creed this past Sunday in our Youth Pastorate, we began by asking the fairly simple question, “What is belief?” In preparing for our time together the Lord laid two scriptures on my heart, James 2:18-19 and Mark 9:14-29. The first seemed to me to be a hammer, unsubtly bashing through my thickness of my sinfulness, the second was more comforting...Read More

How To Hate Your Mother and Father -- And Other Good News

This Sunday’s Gospel lesson is a very sharp and provoking call to discipleship. For some, this kind of statement regarding family relationships is absurd and for others it is unnecessary. They already have strained relationships with her mother and father. Of course, this really isn’t about hating anyone but rather discipleship...Read More

Doing and Believing

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is getting to teach and (let’s be honest) just hang out with the youth of All Saints. It’s been so wonderful over the last few months to watch us grow as a group from a handful to now well over a dozen regulars. As the new ministry year kicks off the Youth of All Saints are also launching into two new series...Read More

Blessed are the Uninvited

Jesus wasn’t always a very good house guest. In Luke 14:12-14, while sharing a Sabbath meal with some Pharisees, he goes so far as to take the time to critique his host’s guest list. “Don’t invite the rich or influential to your parties; invite the poor, the lame, the blind--anyone who can’t return the favor”...Read More

A Feast for All Saints Dallas

This Sunday, August 28th, is our Fall Kickoff Sunday. It is a time of expectation, celebration, and feasting. As people return from vacation and began the start of school, this would be a great Sunday for you to invite family, friends, neighbors, seekers, etc. because we have a lot planned for celebration and feasting. At All Saints Dallas we get so excited about these kinds of Sundays that feed into our values of hospitality...Read More

A Prayer Before Studying

The single hardest course I had in college was a two-semester long class called History of Philosophy. The mainstay of the class was writing outlines. What Aristotle or Hume spent tens of thousands of words articulating very precisely we had to beat and butcher into 800 words. It was the single best and hardest academic discipline I’ve every put myself through...Read More